January 25, 2020     
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Scam and Transaction Warnings for Marketplace Users

Individuals need to be cautious when posting horses for sale on-line. Never wire funds through Western Union, MoneyGram or any other wire service. Anyone who asks you to do so is likely a scammer. Fake cashiers checks and money orders are common and banks will cash them then hold you responsible when the fake is discovered days or weeks later. The Arabian Horse Association is NOT involved in any transactions, does not handle payment, does not guarantee any transaction, does not provide escrow service or offer any type of buyer protection or seller satisfaction. Never give out your financial information including but not limited to bank account numbers, social security number, eBay/PayPal information, etc. Horses for sale scams can occur when the victim has a horse advertised and is contacted by an interested party. The scammer forwards a cashiers check for payment on the horse to the victim. The check is to cover both the cost of the horse and transportation of the horse to its new owner. The scammer then asks for the transportation costs to be remitted to a fraudulent third party or the check is written for the correct amount, but the scammer backs out of the agreement and asks for a refund. The victim remits payment and then is held accountable when the original payment from scammer is found to be fraudulent.

If you suspect or are victim of any of these actions or would like more information, please go to the FBI Internet Fraud Webpage.


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