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To request a new sponsoring association or club, go to: Application for OEIP Hosting Organization.

Note: Arabian horse clubs are welcome to become OEIP Hosts; however, only open shows (not all-Arabian shows) are eligible for points in the Open Event Incentive Program.

Approved associations & clubs for Local Open Show competitors:

Arkansas Fun Show Circuit


66 Wrangler

A Rising Star Equestrian Center

Alamo Arabian Horse Association

Alamo Area Youth Horseshow Association

Alaska Morgan Horse Association

Alaska State Fair

Alaska State Horseshows, inc.

All Dressage Association

All Ohio Show Horse Organization

American Buckskin Assoc

American Competitive Trail Horse Association

Anchorage Horse Council

Antelope Valley Desert Riders

Anthony Rodeo Club

Antrim County Fair

App-solute Blast! Appaloosa Horse Show

Arabian & Half Arabian Club of Oregon

Arabian Horse Association of Maine, Inc

Arabian Horse Association of Mississippi

Arabian Horse Association of Mississippi

Arabian Horse Association of New Mexico

Arabian Horse Association of New York

Arabian Horse Association of the San Fernando Valley

Arabian Horse Breeders Assoc.

Arabian Horse Club of Connecticut

Arabian Horse Club of EL Paso

Arabian Horse Club of Southeast Washington

Arabian Horse Society of NJ

Arabian Riders And Breeders of Northwest Arkansas

Arabian Riders and Breeders Society

Arabians of the Desert Horse Association

Arizona Driving and Carriage Society

Arizona Pinto Horse Club

Arkansas Arabian Horse Club

Ashland Paint and Plain Saddle Club

Association of Northwest Arkansas

Atlanta Pony Club

Aurora Horseman s Association

Aurora Horsemen s Association

Autumn Fest

Back to Basics Horse Show Association

Back to School Blast Youth Horse Show

Badger Horse Show Association

Beaver Creek Saddls & Bridle Club

Billi Henshaw Benefit Horse Show

Black Forest Saddle Club

Black Hills Equestrian Association

Black Jack Saddle Club

Black River Valley Horseman s

Blue Goose Stable & Hopeful Hunter

Blue Lakes Farm

Blue Ribbon Horse Show

Blue Ridge Arabian Horse Association

Bluebonnet Arabian Horse Club

Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Branch River Riding Club

Brazos Arabian Horse Association

Briar Fox Farm

Brocken Cinch Saddle Club

Broken Spoke Event Center

Brunk Museum of the Morgan Horse

Buckbranch Farm

Buckeye All Breed Show Horse Association

Buckeye All Breed Show Horse Association (BABSHA)

Buffalo Valley Riding Club

Burlington County 4H Horse Advisory Council

California Dressage Society

California State Horseman s Association

California State Horsemen

Callegari Equine Technologies

Canadian Pony Club

Canterbury Show Place

Cape Fear Trail Riders Open Shows

Capitol Area Quarter Horse Association

Capitol View Stables

Carolina Horse Show Association

Carolina Mane Event Show Circuit

Carolinas Horse Show Circuits

Cascade Paint Horse Club

Cascade Pinto Horse Club

Cecil County Jumper Show

Cedar Rapids Horseman s Clubs

Center Point Saddle Club

Central Carolina Western Horse

Central Coast of CALIFORNIA Arabian Horse Association

Central Mass Horse Show Series

Central Michigan Horsemans Association

Central Ohio Saddle Club Association

Central State Horse Show Association

Central Tennessee Dressage Association

Central Texas Arabian Horse Club

Central TN Horseman s Association

Central Wanglers

Central Washington Quarter Horse Assn

Central Washington State Fair

Champaign County Riding Clubs

Champlain Valley Classic Horse Shows

Champlain Valley Horse Shows

Chattanooga Dressage and Combined Training Association

Chequamegon EZ Riders

Cherry Valley Horseman s Association

Chesterfield Horse Show

Cheyenne Saddle Tramps

Chinook Equine Association

Circle J Ranch

Classical Attraction Dressage

Clemson Intercollegiate Eventing Team

Clemson University Mini-Circuit

Cloverleaf Saddle Club

Cobblestone Farms

Cochise Dressage & Eventng Association

Colorado Pinto Horse Association

Colorado Stock Horse Association

Columbia Riding Association

Columbia Riding Club

Combined Eastern Shore Horse Show

Conejo Valley Arabian Horse Breeders Association

Connecticut Horse Shows Association

Cowboy Heaven Horse Club

Crabbet Alliance of Texas

Creekview Riding Center

Crossroads Pony Club Inc

Crown of Texas Arabian Horse Club

Cuttin Loose Club of Washington

D Alonzo Ranch Equestrian Center

Daffodil Arabian Horse Association

Dallas Hunter Jumper Scholarship Circuit

Dancing Hooves Dressage Association

Dancing Horse Equestrian canter

Deep South Bits & Spurs Equine

Deep South Bits & Spurs Equine

Diablo Arabian Horse Association

Dixie Gulf Arabian Horse Association

Dixie Plantation Open Horse Show

Dodge County Horsemans Association

Donida Farm Schoolng shows

Double T Farms

Dressage Association of Southern California

Dressage at Devon

Dressage Winnipeg

Eagle Mountain Ranch

Eagle Mtn Ranch Schooling Shows

Eaglem Eagle Mtn Schooling Shows

East Coast Equine, Inc.

East Tennessee Buckskin Association

East Texas Arabian Horse Club

East Valley Arabian Horse Association

Eastern Crabbet Arabian Horse Society

Eastern Dressage and Combined Training Schooling Association

Eastern Idaho Paint Horse Club

Eastern Idaho Quarter Horse Association

Eastern Idaho State Fair

Eastern Michigan Arabian Association

Eastern Michigan Horseman s Association

Eastern Panhandle Saddle Club

Eastern Pennsylvania Gymkhana Association

Eau Claire Bit & Spur Club

Eau Claire Bit and Spur Clubs

Elk River Boots & Saddle Club

Ellis County Equine Association

Enchantment Driving Society

Equestrian Team of Tennessee Tech

Equestrian Trail Incorporated National Highpoint Circuit

Equestrian Trails Incorporated

Equine Trail Sports

Equistar Inc.


Equus 4H of McLean Country

ETI Corral 88-Tri Community Horsemen

Fallon Horsemans Association


Farmersville Riding Club Open

Fieldstone Park Schoolng Horse Show

Floral City Circuit

Florida Halter Horse Association

Florida Reined Cow Horse Association

Flying M Stables

Flying M Stables, LLC

Flying Mane Riding Club

Foothills Indian Horse Club

Foothills Riding Club

Fountain Riding and Roping Club

Four State Arabian Horse Association


Fox River Saddle Club

Franklin County Saddle Club

Franklin County Saddle Club

Free Spirits Horse Assn.

Friends of Northwest Border Zone

Galesburg Boots and Saddle Club

Georgia Hunter Jumper Association

giddyup open horse club

Gilcrest Farm

Gold Creek Equestrain Club

Golden Circle Horse Show Circuit

Golden State Appaloosa Horse Association

Golden State Palomino Association

Gouverneur Horseman s Association

Gray Lily Farm

Great Lakes Morab Horse Association

Greater Houston Horse Council

Greater Los Angeles Paint Horse club

Green Acres Stables

Gulf Coast Arabian Horse Club

Happ s, Inc.

Hartland Riding Club

Hartmeyer Stables

HASC (Horse Activity Sponsorship Club)

Hay Creek Valley Saddle Club

Hayburners 4-H Association

Heart Classic Horse Show

Heartland Buckskin Horse Association

Hidden Hills Horsemen s Association

Hidden Lake Farm

High Desert Horsemans Association

High Desert Pinto Assocations

Highland Riders Inc.

Hooves and Paws for a Cause

Horse Park of NJ

Horse Power Healing Center

Horse Power Healing Center

Horseman s Association of Columbus County

Horseman s Association of Texas

Horseman s Association of Texas

Horseman s Association of Texoma

Horsemans Association of Southern New Mexico

Horsemen s Riding Club of North Jersey

HorseShoe Springs

Horsin Around Club

Houston Area Carriage Association

Houston Dressage Society

Houston Tack and Feed

Huachuca Saddle Association

Hunt Cup Series

Hunt Ranch Arena

Hunter/Jumper/Dressage Association

Huron County 4-H Horse and Pony

I Triple E

Idaho State Horse Show Association

Illinois All-Aside

Indiana Saddle Horse Association Inc

Indiana Saddle Horse Association Inc

Indiana Sidesaddle Assocaition

Inland Empire Hunter Jumper Association

Inland Northwest Dressage Association

Inter-County Horsemen s Association

Inter-County Saddle Club

Intercollegiate Dressage Association

Interior Horsemen s Association

Intermountain Appaloosa Horse Club

International Equestrian Organization

International Morab Breeders Association

Iowa Arabian Horse Association

Islip Horseman s Associations

Itasca Sunset Saddle Club


Jackson County Horsemans Association

Jackson County Horsemens Association

Jackson County Wranglers

Jefferson County Horse Show

JKK Performance Horses

Johnston County Horse Show Series

Jump Rope Stables, LLC

Just Horsin Round

Justamere Equestrian Centre

Justamere Equestrian Centre

Kal-Val Saddle Club

Kandlite Stables

Kansas Arabian Horse Society

Kansas Saddle Horse Associatio

Kansas State Horse Show Circuit

Kentucky Dressage Association

Kentucky Hunter Jumper Assoc.

Keystone Saddle Association

Kin Krest Saddle Club

Kirkwood Saddle Association

Kit Carson Riding Club

Kitsap Saddle Club

Lake States Horseman s Association

Lakes Region Show Series

Last Chance App-Point-ment

LATIGO of Colorado

Laurita Equestrian Center

Lazy Creek Farm

Lazy H Firecracker

LeCheval de Boskydell

Little Angels Learning Academy

Little Colorado Horesmen s Association of Arizona

Loch Eden Equestrian Centre

Lone Star Arabian Horse Clubs

Lone Star Equine Rescue, Inc.

Long Island Horsemen s Association

Lope on in- WSH Association


Lower Michigan Horse Association

Lower Puget Sound Dressage Club

Lucky 7 Stables

Maine Horse Association

Mandts Equestrian Center

Maryland Arabian Horse Association

Maryland Saddle Association

McConnelsville All-Amateur Horse Show

McCoy Equestrian Center


Mello Brook Farm

Menomonee Falls Saddle Club

Mercer County 4-H

MI Open Horse Show Championships

MI Open Horse Show Championships

Michigan Horse Show Association

Michigan Interscholastic Horsemanship Association

Mid Illinois Charity Horse Show

Mid States Ranch Horses, LLCs

Mid-Atlantic Championship Open Horse Show

Mid-Tex Quarter Horse Association

Middle of the Trail Distance Riding Association

middle tennessee arabian horse asso

Middle Tennessee Arabian Horse Association

Midwest Dressage Association

Midwest Reining and Cowhorse Association

Midwest Saddle Club

Midwest Sidesaddle Organization

Minnesota Arabian Horse Association

Minnesota-Iowa Arabian Horse Club

Mission Valley Saddle Club

Mississippi Valley Morgan Horse Club

Missouri Horse Shows Association

Missouri Northland Arabian Horse Club

Missouri State Saddle Club Association

Mn Half Arabian Horse Association

Mojave River Valley Horsemen s Assoc.

Monsterhorse Performance Productions

Montana Hunter Jumper Association

Morab Horse Association and Register


Motherlode Arabian Horse Assoc

Mt. Hood Equestrian & Event Center

Mt. Washington Valley Horse Show

Music City Riding Academy

N Bar H Riding Association

National Competitive Trail Horse Association

NBHA, Rhode Island District

NC State Fair Open Show

Nebraska Hunter/Jumper School

Nevada County Fair/17th DAA

Nevada County Horsemen, Inc.

Nevada State Horseman s Association

Nevada State Horseman s Association Region V

New England Friesian Horse Club

New England Horseman s Council

New England Jumpers Association

New Hampshire Arabian Horse Association

New Hampshire Horse and Trail Association

New Jersey Horse Association

New Jersey Pinto Horse Association

New Mexico Dressage Association

New Mexico State Fair

New York Southern Tier Quarter Horse Association

New York State Saddle Horse Association

Newaygo County Agricultural Fair Association Horse Committee

NJ First Pioneer Riding Circuit

North Alabama Saddle Club Association

North Carolina Dressage & Combined Training Association

North Cascades Arabian Horse Club

North Coast Benefit Equine Show Series

North Eastern Oklahoma Stock Horse Association

North Eastern Wisconsin Appaloosa Horse Club

North Eastern Wisconsin Quater Horse Association

North Florida Arabian Horse Club

North Shore Horsemens Association

North Texas Hunter Jumper Club

Northeast Missouri Arabian Horse Association

Northeast Reining Horse Association

Northeast Zone of Washington State

Northern Colorado Riding Club

Northern Kettle Moraine Horsemans Association

northern michigan appaloosa regional

Northern Minnesota Arabian Horse Association

Northland Arabian Horse Society

Northwest Indiana Arabian Horse Club

Northwest Washington Arabian Horse Association

Northwestern Michigan Horsemans Association

Northwestern Riding & Driving Club

Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

Not Quite Ready For Primetime Show

Ocean State Hunt Club

Ohio Arabian and All Breed Trail Riding Society

Ohio Valley Team Penning Assocation

Ohio Welsh Pony Association


Oregon Dressage Society

Oregon Family Equestrian Activities

Oregon Gold Open Horse Show

Oregon Horse Association

Oregon Horse Center

Oregon Horse Center

Oregon Performance Horse Club

Oregon Pony of the Americas Club

Orlando Arabian Horse Club

Orlando Arabian Horse Club

Other Association

Otter Creek Saddle Club

Outback Riders

Ozaukee County 4-H Horse and Pony

P.O.N.Y. Association

Pacific Coast Horse Show

Pacific Coast Quarter Pony Association

Pacific Coast Trail Horse Competition

Pacific Equestrian Center

Pacific Equestrian Center

Pacific Northwest Paint Horse Club

Pahrump Open Schooling Shows

Painted Ponies


Parker Trail Riders

Parker Trail Riders

Parker Trail Ridersrc

Pasco Horsemens Association

Paso del Norte Dressage Society

Pennsylvania Arabian Horse Association

Pennsylvania Arabian Horse Association

People Helping Horses

Pickett Horse Club

Pine Level Horseman s Association

Pinellas County Hunter Association

Piney Woods Horse Show Association

Pinto Horse Association of America

Pinto Horse Association of New Mexico

Pioneer City Riding Club

Plymouth Trail Riders

Poormans Horse Association

Post Falls Equestrian Center

Potomac Valley Dressage Associ

Poway Valley Riders Association

Premier Equine Athletics, LLC

Premier s Riding School

Purebred Morab Horse Association

Quad City All Breed Horse Association

QuarterH Horse Farm

Quentin Riding Association

R.O. Ranch Equestrian Park

Rafter 6B Ranch

Rail and Trail Open Horse Show

Ranch Sorting National Championship

Rancho Rio Stables

Reality Dreams Open Horse Show

Red Ridge Ranch

Rhode Island Arabian Horse Association

Ridge Riders Equestrian

Riparian Farms Equestrian Center

Riverfare Farms LLC

Riverside County Barrel Racers

Riverside Ranch Horse Club

Rock Island & Mercer County 4-H

Rock Island and Mercer Counties 4-H

Rock N Riders 4-H Club

Rocky Mountain Dressage Society

Rocky Mountain Junior Paint Horse Club

Rodeo Horse Racing, Inc.

Rogue Valley Arabian Horse Association

Rolling Hills Saddle Club

Rooster s Haven

roscommon county horse show

Rose City Horse Show Circuit

Rose Hill Stables

Rosinburg Events, LLC


S &Equine Specialists

Sacramento Valley Morgan Horse Club

Saddle & Harness Association

San Jacinto Horse Show Association

Save a Forgotten Equine

Scio Buckaroos

Scottsdale Saddle Club

Shawano Area Horseman s Association

Sheboygan County 4-H Horse & Pony

Sheboygan County Funtastic 4-H

Sheiks Arabian Saddle Club

Shepherds Purse Farm

Showime Arena

Sierra Foothills Horseman s Association

Silver Quarters

Silver Sands Bridle Club

Silver Spur Club

Silver Spur Club

Silver Spur Riders Club

Silver Spur Riding Club

Silver Spurs Trophy, Buckles and Saddles Show

Simi Valley Awards Circuit

Smoky Mountain Horse Show Series

Sooner State Morgan Horse Association

South Carolina Pinto Horse Association

South County Riders Horse Club

South Dakota Town & Country Riders Inc

South Florida Horse Show Association, Inc.

South Louisiana Saddle Club

South Mississippi Equine Association

South Shore Horsemans Council

South Sound Equestrian Center


South Wind Dressage and Eventing Association

Southeast Equine

Southeast Iowa English Riding

Southern Idaho Pinto Horse Association

Southern Oregon Appaloosa Prom

Southern Oregon Horse Activities

Southern Stockhorse Association

Southern Wisconsin Buckskin Association

Southern Wisconsin Buckskin Association

Southwest Pinto

Space coast Arabian horse club

Spacecoast Arabian Horse Club,

Spirit of the Arabian Horse Society

Spring Showdown All Breed Open Horse Show

Springtime Open Horse show

Spur of the Moment Horse Club

St. Clair County Arabian Horse Association

St. Croix Riders Saddle Club

St. Johns County Annual Open Fun Show

St. Lawrence Valley Horsemens Association

St. Louis Area Dressage Society

Standardbred Pleasure Horse Organization of Ohio

Star of Texas Arabian Horse Club

State of Jefferson Quarter Horse Association

Steele County Free Fair (MN)s

Strides Against Cancer Open Horse Show

Suffolk Horse Show Association

Suffolk Stables Show Series

Summer Color Classic Idaho Paint Horse Club & Southern Idaho Pinto Horse Assn.

Summerfest Horse Show

Sun Basin Riders

Sun Country Horsemen Association

Sunchaser Equestrian Series

Sunchaser Show Series

Sunnyside Saddle Club

Susar Farm

Susquehanna Valley Reining Association

Suwannee Valley Deep South Dressage & Combined Training Association

Tailwinds Horse Show

Tailwinds Hunter Show

Tennessee Pony of the Americas Club

Texas Foundation Arabian Horse Association

Texas Pony of the Americas

Texoma All Breed Horse Show Association

Texoma All-Breed Horse Show Association

Texoma Pinto Horse Show and Trail

The American Paint Horse Association

The Arabian Horse Society of South Dakota

the Bar None Horse Show Bonanza

The Farm Equestrian Center

The Knights of Santiago

The Maine Dressage Society

The Ogle County Horse Barn Committee/Build-A-Barn

The Roddy Ranch

Timber Trails Riding Club

Timberlane Farm

Tree City Mavericks

Tri County Horseman s Association - Milan

Tri-County Horse Club

Tri-County Horsemen, Inc.


Triangle-Wide Horseman s Association

Triple H Arena Open Horse Show

Twin Brooks Horse Show Assoc.

Twin Brooks Horse Show Assoc.

Twin State American Saddlebred

Twin Tiers Classic Horse Shows

TX State Classic Horse Show Series

Union County Saddle Club

Unionville Saddle Club

University of California at Davis

Upper Iowa Saddle Club

Upper Midwest Buckskin Horse Association

Upper Midwest Endurance Competitive Riding Association

Utah All Breed Horse Show Association

Utah Dressage Society

UW Saddle & Sirloin

Valley City Saddle Club

Valley of the Sun Arabian Horse Association

Valley Riders

Vermont Horse Shows Association

Virginia Arabian Horse Association

Vista Palomar Riders


Wacker Performance Horses

Waldo County Riding & Driving Club

Walla Walla Valley Horsemen

Walworth County Boots & Saddle Club

Wapello County Fair Jackpot Open Show

Washington Co. 4-H Saddle Club

Washington County Horse Council

Washington Pony of the Americas Club

Washington State Horsemen

Washington State Horsemen

Washington State Horsemen

West 20 Ranch & Saddle Shop

West Michigan Arabian Horse Association

Western Dressage of Michigan

Western Idaho Fair

Western Nevada Hhorsemen s Association

Western Saddle Club Association

Western State Horseman

Whisperwood Acres Open shows

White Mountain Horsemen s Association

Whitehaven Plantation

Wild Cowgirl Enterprises, LLC

Wild Winds

Wildwind Farm, Inc.

Williamsport Riding Club


Windhaven Ranch Open Horse Show

windy tides equestrian assoc.

Windy Tides Equestrian Association

Winning Weekends Equine Events

Winning Weekends Equine Events

Wisconsin Arabian Horse Association

Wisconsin Buckskin Horse Association

Wisconsin Buckskin Horse Association

Wisconsin Desert Horse Association

Wisconsin Open Horse Show Association

Wisconsin Quarter Horse Youth Association

Wisconsin State Horse Council

Wisconsin-Ilinois Buckskin

WNC Appaloosa Horse Club

Woodstock Fair

Worth County Saddle Club

Y&D Performance Horses

Yakima Valley Fair & Rodeo Horse Show

Yakima Valley Fair Horse-A-Rama

Yorkton Exhibition Horse Show

Youth Charity Horse Show

Zia Carriage Driving Club

Zia Paint Horse Club Inc.

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